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Unitive is now Talent Sonar: Find the right fit.

Talent Sonar is a state-of-the-art talent acquisition solution based on decades of hiring research.

Talent Sonar’s easy-to-use cloud interface actualizes five essential hiring practices, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to perfect your company’s hiring process.

Only a complete solution can achieve complete results.
Companies that want to efficiently find the person who best fits each job from a broader, more qualified candidate pool choose Talent Sonar.

What people are saying

  • What became clear to us while working with Talent Sonar was that assessing for ‘fit’ doesn’t have to be difficult. Our hiring managers can use this tool to augment a process that can all-too-often be a subjective assessment. The Talent Sonar tool reiterates the core principles of identifying a successful candidate through objective measures.
    Stella Park, HBO’s VP of Talent Acquisition
  • It feels great to know that there is a solution that can help find the right candidate and have the data to prove it thanks to Talent Sonar!
    Mike Elherne, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Dohmen Life Science Services
  • Preparing for interviews can be time-consuming and frustrating, but Talent Sonar’s job description and interview question templates has made interviewing that much easier.
    Cat Perez, HealthSherpa
  • Decades of research in social cognition have shown that unconscious bias is systemic, trenchant and dramatically narrows the talent pipeline of today’s workforce. With the Talent Sonar software suite, I believe we’re seeing for the first time a tool powerful and pragmatic enough to counter this bias and increase the representation of women and minorities in the workforce.
    Aaron C Kay
    Aaron C. Kay, Ph.D., of Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

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* Talent Sonar was formerly known as Unitive.
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